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Question: I had a corrupt system registry. I had to reinstall my media center, and it repaired stuff. I kept all of my programs though. My windows media center 11 works perfectly fine. Everything works, except with the media center program itself, won’t play any videos. What are some steps I could do to figure out and correct my problem. Thanks

Answer: You assigned one of you programs, control of your video files.

If you reinstall, it does not repair its self?

You get a new installation and the old one is history.

Since you started the reinstall routine, I suggest that you do it the correct way!

Locate your audio and video files. Create a folder for each and copy them to that folder. Then copy the folder to DVD/CD disk. Play the files from the disk after copying that makes sure they work.

Disconnect your computer from the internet,
Boot with your Windows Media Disk, READ THE SCREEN! Delete all partitions, create two new partitions, one should be 20GB. Format that partition in NTFS. Continue with install.

If your disk did not allow you to do this, then you do not have a copy of Windows Media! You have what is called a recovery disk and you cannot do a clean install with it.

Retailers save money by not providing a complete Version of the software! That is another reason that you have your current issues!

Save yourself headaches, BUY a copy of Windows Media with a registration number, about $100.00. You will need this disk as long as you run Windows Media.

After the install completes, install motherboard utilities and drivers, install anti virus and fire wall.

Connect to the internet, go to – UPDATE. Let this site update your computer. Be sure to install Direct X 10 and all service packs and security up dates.

In the second partition, format it and copy your files to that partition.

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NTFS Boot Disk:

To place Active@ KillDisk Pro onto a floppy disk type the following at the command prompt:
The above assumes that the G: drive is the bootable CD-ROM drive and the A: drive is the floppy disk drive.
DOS4GW.EXE is a required file for Active@ KillDisk, Active@ UNERASER and Active@ Disk Image.

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