Question: My colleagues completing his first year of MMS and having inclination towards Finance. Which sector in Finance should be chosen e.g. Capital Market, Treasury, etc. etc.

Answer: Finance is another world in itself. From a mere statutory requirement, it has emerged to be a humongous field with a plethora of professions branching out, thanks to the takeover by SEBI and inflow of the FII’s in India. Finance management is the backbone of organizations be it Corporates, business houses, Financial institutions. As much as it is a crucial aspect of a successful and profitable business, Financial Management yields a number of job options ranging from strategic financial planning to sales. Let’s consider the various careers in finance:

Insurance is one of the most interesting careers in finance. Insurance means being covered or protected against the perils of life be it accidents, natural disasters, thefts, fire etc. Insurance agents differ depending upon the types of insurance they specialize in (though one has an option of specializing in more than one) Insurance agents are middlemen who represent their insurance company and approach prospective clients to sell the insurance policies.
Financial Planning

Financial planners are specialists who help clients is optimum resource utilization through financial planning. These professionals render expert advise on maximizing returns through proper investment either in shares, stocks, equity funds etc. Financial planners are qualified CFA’s ( Chartered Financial Analysts). They have an option of independent practice of working for a firm.

Commercial Banking / Retail Banking
With the nationalisation of banks and private players in the fray, commercial banking has touched the lives of almost every citizen, be it in the form of salary accounts, loans (personal, home, auto etc), mutual funds etc. The various careers in Banking offers various options ranging from bank branch managers, customer relations officer, loan agents etc.

Real Estate
Finance majors with a specialization in Real Estate opens career opportunities in sales, estate management, appraisals and development. One has an option of starting on your own or working for a broker.

Other Finance jobs
Various other options in a finance career include corporate finance ,project finance, merchant banking, investment analysis etc.

Qualifications required for Careers in Finance (depend upon the career option)
•MBA / PG in Finance
•Chartered Accountant

To have a successful career in finance it does not suffice to have a financial degree. A good analytical mind, understanding of the economy and markets, a penchant for numbers and financial trends etc. all ‘aggregate’ to be a good finance professional.

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